Tom Carnevale

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Tom CarnevaleTom Carnevale is an intelligent and skilled person. Aside from being the CEO of Sentry 360, he is also a speaker on various topics about security and the like. Specifically, he had a chance to tackle about “MegaPixel vs. HD: How to Fit the Right technology into your CCTV System” in ISC West 2012. As the speaker at ISC East 2013, he discussed the efficiency of Ultra-Resolution Surveillance. There are certain innovations when it comes to the standard resolution for home televisions.  Nowadays, there is a potential enhancement on resolution, the so called 4K Resolution or Ultra HD. The trends in the security industry are being monitored.

Aside from being a speaker, Tom has other achievements. He is a member of International Security Industry Organization (ISIO), IP User Group, ASIS, and Security Industry Association. He is also part of the Gerson Lehrman Counsel wherein he is regarded as a “scholar consultant”

His skills and capabilities on security industry is really commendable. His publications are also remarkable. “The Truth about Fisheye Dewarping and how to use it” is centered on the creations of cameras with installed fisheye lenses. However, there are some imitations that are introduced in the market. The presence of fisheye lens on IP video camera is believed to result a full coverage. He emphasized that dewarping is still a great consideration and the entire PTZ must be allowed on fisheye images (360-degree). Failing to dewarp will cause an inefficient coverage.

Tom CarnevaleTom Carnevale has also projects on his stay in the company. It includes the Sentry360 2012 Product Catalog wherein the full product portfolio is described in a more comprehensive way. Moreover, the Partner Portal of Sentry 360 is also believed to be beneficial in utilizing several tools for designing, configuring and learning megapixel surveillance projects in the security industry. Good thing, the service is free of charge. With the help of the partner portal, the users can submit and track orders, watch the training videos, gather firmware updates, test beta software, download dealer documentation and make own profile. Everything is integrated and found online. Lastly, another project called the “sentry view” is designed for IP video. There can be 250 configured cameras at a certain period of time. It is composed of batch video settings, batch firmware, batch motion detection setup, batch hardware and more applications. Like the partner portal, this is also free and efficient. These projects are indeed helpful to the clients, especially on saving time and money.